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PostSubject: GameSpy Replacer   GameSpy Replacer Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 2:31 pm


I am Teo from Sith clan. I've been playing Rome for 2 months. And since the first week I started to "not love?" GameSpy and it's moods. Trying to play 2v2s and waiting an hour till all players can join before game dies and than when we start, someone has internet problems. Than we rehost and one of us must leave. Don't we hate that? Or the "Hourglass of DOOM", you click join and the hourglass starts spinning for 3 minutes than the game dies. And we have to admit that that happens each day.

Don't we dream to change GameSpy (or so called GaySpy) with something that will make our day in a good way?

My friends, I think that I have the solution. GameRanger is a program that might replace GameSpy for RTW and its expansions. It works very good in 1v1s and 2v2s vs AI and 3v3s vs AI but haven't tried it in 2v2s or 3v3s with more than me and just another friend in the game. So if you guys want, you can add me on Xfire and we will test it with more than just 2 people.
My xfire is underground94teo

*To download the game, click on GameRanger

~Teo from Sith clan.
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2008-12-27

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PostSubject: Re: GameSpy Replacer   GameSpy Replacer Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 2:31 pm

I got quite a few players on GameRanger. If you want to contact them. Just add them as friends on GameRanger.
To add a friend follow the next steps:

GameSpy Replacer Gameranger1gi0
Click the Add button, on the bottom of the screen i showed you, and this will appear
GameSpy Replacer Gameranger2mr6
In the black "square" I did, introduce the numbers that I will give you later.
Click Search.
Select the player.
Click Add friend.

Okay, now that we have the friends, we need to know how to host, join and play. To host follow the next steps.

GameSpy Replacer Gameranger3rr9
Click Host, and this will apear;
GameSpy Replacer Gameranger4me3
Select the game from the list, (Remember GameRanger supports around 200 games. But in the list only the installed games will show up)
Select the number of max players.
Put a description on (optional)
And click Start
GameSpy Replacer Gameranger5gu7
Now wait for your friend/friends to join, and click start
Warning, Rome must not be on. When the host clicks start, the game will start.
GameSpy Replacer Gameranger6mf8
Immediately after the host has hosted the game will appear on the bottom of the games list. Double click it to join.

That's it. Smile

Now for the players list:

RomeWolf from CoH - 324925
Pacifier from Killer - 328520
Leanbod from GoTW - 324941
Reeve from GoTW - 324882
Munin (John Black) from SoR - 324544
Pluto from Killer - 328527
Rakador from Sith - 328522
Teo from Sith - 318333
Darth_Max from Sith - 325159
Don_Eagle from Sith - 324722
Sewer Rat from Hemisphere - 324931
Joker from Killer - 328537
Selifator from TWC - 326138
Toern no clan (ex Sith) - 324919
Swifty no clan (very little RTW experience) - 326360
Proteus from Aggony - 328823
Dale from WoR - 328805

I hope that I got those numbers correct. If i got any of the numbers wrong, please message me.

If you have any problems with GameRanger feel free to contact me
Xfire - underground94teo
Messenger -
Skype - Teo_RTW
Email - or
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